Where to Find the Best Japanese Prime Movers in Australia

The prime movers are heavy-duty trucks which have been specially designed for the heavy freight operations. They are generally deployed in pulling or even pushing the more conventional trailer transports. The prime movers for sale have been ballasted in order to support maximum allowed weight for the heavy freight applications. This will ensure that these trucks have enough friction and traction when hauling goods in various environments ranging from the construction to the freight industry.

There is a great selection of prime movers for sale that you can purchase in Australia. One of the most reputable brands of Japanese prime movers for sale is UD Trucks and its flagship GW 26 420 Quon. This has been classified as the best Japanese prime mover for sale in the Australian market. It is preferred by many businesses that want reliability and top notch performance in their hauling operations.

In the heavy duty range of Japanese prime movers, there is both the Quester range and the Quon range of trucks. The Quon is a heavy duty model which is one of the most popular Japanese trucks in this class. Following the acquisition of UD Trucks by Volvo, the Quon model now runs on Swedish designed GH-11 engines which are built in Japan.

The Japanese prime mover for sale also has a top 460HP rating which is an improvement over the company’s previous limit of 420hp for the 11-litre engines for the Australian market. However, the 460hp Quon prime movers will only be rolled out into the market after Australia has adopted the Euro 6 Emissions Standards. The new prime movers will also match the current GW 470 models by UD Trucks which are powered by the 13-litre Nissan Diesel engines. Ud Trucks

For the foreseeable future, the Quon prime movers will be powered by the 380hp and 420hp GH11 engines until something happens or the company changes strategy a few years from now. These still deliver incredible torque and will be more than adequate to the Australian hauling operations. Both engines deliver 1790Nm and 1990Nm respectively. They seem modest at a glance but tests have shown that these are some of the most powerful engines for heavy duty hauling operations and offer users incredible efficiency. The engines are quite tenacious and well suited for the rough Australian operating environment.

Buyers for the UD trucks prime mover for sale will be able to choose from several truck models which all sport the GH11 engines. There are two 380hps and two 420hps prime movers to choose from.

The CK17 380 is a long wheelbase truck with a wheelbase of up to 6m and is suited for the rigid hauling roles. There is also the CW26 380 which also comes with a GCM of 55 tonnes along with three wheelbase options that you can choose from. These are suitable for the trailer and light truck applications.

The GW26 420 comes with a GCM of up to 55 tonnes. Buyers will also be able to choose from two wheelbases for these trucks. All these models are powered by the GH11 with a very smooth 12-speed transmission built with an automated shifter or the Escot V transmission. visit, http://www.udtrucks.com/en-au/home