Why You Should Also Pay Attention to Local SEO

SEO is not unheard of nowadays. With the reach of international marketers and SEO providers such as Ardor SEO, it’s not impossible to catch up with SEO’s wonders. Yet, some of its crucial aspects are still overshadowed. For one, Local SEO. Why should business owners also pay attention to it, especially?

First… what is Local SEO?

Simply put, Local SEO is a strategy to increase your visibility on Google as a local business. It’s a practice micro to small businesses should really focus on. There are probably hundreds, or even thousands, in your city who search Google for your service—and you’re probably not doing enough to reach them. If your store has a physical location, Local SEO is more than necessary.

Why is local SEO important?

Imagine your refrigerator breaking down. What’s the first thing you would do? Surely, not everyone has their local fridge technicians’ contacts saved on their phonebook. These days, most people would Google for a “fridge repair nearby”, right?

Google rewards relevance. If you type “fridge repair Brisbane”, for instance, then Google’s SERP will give you a list of providers located in Brisbane. But if you typed only “fridge repair”, the SERP may have shown a list of how to repair your fridge—and not technicians from Brisbane. You see—locality matters.

By incorporating Local SEO in your marketing strategy, you’ll get the customers who want their fridge repair now. These are the customers who type geographically relevant keywords. Your aim should be to increase your presence in the SERP to those customers by practicing Local SEO.

Improving your Local SEO

What should a local small business do to improve their Local SEO? Of course, hiring a specialist or provider would be more viable. Yet, you can also start on your own before you hire the experts. Here are some steps you can do:

Google Places for Business or Local Google+

Google Places for Business provides accurate details about your business, like the address, contact numbers, and opening/closing hours. Local Google+ pages, on the other hand, increases local exposure and social interaction with customers. You can improve your Local SEO by taking advantage of these tools. Make sure they have the right info by updating them frequently.

Check your business’s listings.

Listings represent citations. These are mentions of your business, with or without links to your website. You should also pay attention to citations because it’s also a crucial ranking factor in Google. If you haven’t done it yet, you can check your listings at GetListed.org.

Get your local outreach going.

You have to reach out to local bloggers, community movers, and influencers. This is one way to build local high-quality links for your website, which will automatically boost your Local SEO. You can check who’s linking back to your site by using the Google Webmaster Tools.

Now that you learned the importance of local SEO, you shouldn’t waste any time. Start optimising your website. Or, even better, leave your local SEO strategies to the coolest guy in SEO, Kris Reid of Ardor SEO.

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